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Top loads for Tesla Coils- Toroid alternative

Stainless Steel Spheres for Tesla Coil Top Load $24.99
Teslatronix top load spheres. Toroid alternative.

Teslatronix top load spheres. Toroid alternative.

These mirror-finish stainless steel spheres will make a fantastic top load or toroid alternative for most types of Tesla coils.


Mirror finish stainless steel spheres without welded nuts $12.99

Same great mirror finish, however without the welded 1/4 20 inch nut. A 1/8 in hole is available for tension/gravity mounting to the L2.

PVC E stand for tesla coils $12.99
Tesla Coil Kit PVC E stand

Tesla Coil Kit PVC E stand

3X 3/4in PVC elbows, 1X 3/4in PVC T adapter, 2X 3in 3/4in PVC sections, 3X 1in inner couplings, 2X 3/4in PVC end caps

Simple stand for Tesla coils. Can be filled with rice, dry beans or dry sand to form a more stable base for larger L2/C combinations. One or two layers of electrical tape on the vertical 3/4in elbow  will form a perfect gasket that will be stable enough to mount your L2 and C, yet easy enough to remove. After gluing, the base can also be filled with sand to form an even more stable center of gravity.

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